Efficiently manage drivers and maximize productivity.

Successful HME providers leverage Brightree’s integration with Apacheta’s leading-edge Mobile Delivery solution to efficiently manage their drivers and maximize productivity in the field. By eliminating missing paper delivery tickets that hold up billing processes and ensuring that all phases of the delivery workflow are documented electronically, providers can reduce DSO by 30-40%.



  • View all deliveries on a map and in a dashboard for dispatch, establish optimal routes and assign deliveries to each truck/driver
  • Automatically load orders, patient data, and acknowledgement forms onto a driver’s tablet or handheld device
  • Ensure all products are on the truck before departing


  • Drivers are prompted on mobile devices to electronically complete and acknowledge forms to enhance compliance
  • Verify authorized receipts and collect the patient’s signature, acknowledging equipment delivery and receipt of product and safety information
  • Electronically scan the product for a serial or lot number, eliminating human error
  • Enter a user-defined reason code if patient is not at home or refuses delivery

Reconciliation and Billing

  • Drivers wirelessly transmit accurate and timely order tracking and electronic forms into your Brightree system to expedite billing
  • Mobile handhelds can eliminate lost paperwork and missing signatures and serial numbers and reduce operating costs associated with issuing, processing, maintaining and archiving paper forms


  • Managers can monitor delivery activity on a map in real-time via GPS-based vehicle tracking capability
  • See where your drivers are currently located, where they have been and for how long. With this level of visibility into your drivers and fleet, you’ll be amazed at the increases in productivity!


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