With our large fleet and multiple locations, Mobile Delivery has helped us reduce lost paperwork and increase the timeliness of billings and claims, which has been a huge return on our investment.

Patty Mastandrea, CEO, Medcare Equipment Company
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Mobile Delivery

More than paperless

Brightree Mobile Delivery is proven to drive efficiency, improve cash flow and increase organizational transparency for today’s HME/DME organizations. You’ll be able to say goodbye to complex paper-based workflows using consumer-grade smartphones and tablets to quickly and easily automate and track the delivery of medical equipment, supplies and services to improve patient outcomes. A cloud-based solution, with seamless integration to Brightree Business Management Software (BMS) allows providers to get up and running quickly and easily.




And we’ve updated our solution for contact-free deliveries, making it safer for your drivers and patients while securing the proof-of-delivery documentation you need to complete the order.


With Mobile Delivery you can

  • Reduce your DSO by 8 days or more on average
  • Eliminate lost delivery and pickup/exchange tickets
  • See a 50% or more savings in paper expenses
  • Increase order confirmation without overtime

Deliveries made easy