Improving our 90-day A/R resolution by 27% means I now look forward to end-of-month reports.

David Hosemann, President/CEO, Hometown Medical
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Revenue Cycle Management

For a smooth-running operation and fast-growing revenues

Brightree HME Revenue Cycle Management solutions turbocharge billing and intake processes, improve days sales outstanding (DSO) and collection-to-billing ratios, and help you stay compliant. We also offer software support with both patient and insurance collections, as well as patient intake management.

Let Brightree help—discover all of our outsourced billing services

Easy start-up or transition
Brightree has the unique advantage of obtaining billing data, processing claims, managing A/R, and obtaining and reviewing documentation in a standard, secure environment.
Dedicated account management
Your business will have its own unique Brightree account manager who will provide you with clear ongoing communication on the status of all your billing services.
Resource scalability
As your business grows, Brightree grows with you. We’ll help you maintain your business operations without the added burdens of higher administrative costs and decreased productivity.