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Experience the home health software designed for clinicians by clinicians.

Brightree Home Health software provides the ideal combination of a native iPad® point-of-care app and cloud-based back-office software. Incredibly easy, intuitive and efficient at the point of care, yet packed with powerful features that maximize documentation accuracy and compliance.

Your clinicians won’t want to document any other way.

With the Brightree native iPad point-of-care app, you can empower your clinicians to care for patients while documenting efficiently and naturally. Designed for clinicians by clinicians, Brightree follows the natural flow of patient visits with ease – without sacrificing compliance.

  • Fast to learn and easy to use with the native, intuitive functionality of an iPad app.
  • No more charting after hours since Brightree makes it much faster and easier to document at the point of care.
  • Works both online and off – Brightree is fully functional with or without Internet access.
  • Enforces compliance measures via built-in best practices, intelligent checks and guides.
  • Fosters intimate patient care since Brightree isn’t a physical barrier like a bulky laptop or binder.


Improve the efficiency of your business operations.

Brightree solutions can give home health agencies confidence that they are operating at peak efficiency, through built-in best practices that help guide users to do the right things right, the first time — from patient intake through plan-of-care documentation to billing and reimbursement.

  • Dramatically reduce Quality Assurance workload with more complete documentation.
  • Speed time-to-bill submission.
  • Drive more accurate claims and guard against denials and take backs.
  • Streamline care coordination with anytime, anywhere access to current patient information.


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“We have a patient’s progress report and thorough visit notes at our fingertips with Brightree, so our decision points are far more objective and accurate than a gut feeling about signing off on a discharge."

Melinda Moore, Executive DirectorWesley Homes

“We knew that moving to a cloud-based solution was the right direction for the future of our organization. Of the systems we considered, Brightree provided the most user-friendly point-of-care system for our clinicians who were not accustomed to using technology.”

Ginger Parrish, DirectorAlbemarle Home Care and Albemarle Hospice

“With the Brightree iPad app, we have access to the patient data 90% faster than waiting for a laptop to boot up and load. The ability to find and gather patient data in seconds is a huge advantage when seconds can be the difference in what is sometimes a life and death situation.”

Wendy Cofran, CIOCentury Health Systems

"Brightree helps us identify and stop problems before they start."

Cindy Dauner, DirectorTouro

"Getting certified in Medicare was a painful process before the implementation of Brightree Home Health. For our upcoming recertification, we are confident that we are fully compliant, documentation can be easily accessed, and by using Brightree the process will be streamlined.”

Darcie Peacock, Administrative DirectorSolace Healthcare
How do leading home health agencies succeed with Brightree?
Optimize Operations

Brightree Home Health software is designed to reduce the manual effort required to deliver patient care and operate an effective back-office operation. Since Brightree empowers agencies to capture accurate, timely and compliant documentation from the start, every part of the business can be transformed and optimized.

Increase Clinician Retention & Satisfaction

Every day, we hear stories from home health clinicians raving about they can now efficiently and effectively document at the point of care with Brightree. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Brightree is extremely fast to learn and easy to use, and takes full advantage of the native, intuitive functionality of an iPad app. Best of all, the solution eliminates the need for charting after hours since Brightree makes it much faster and easier to document at the point of care.

Improve Patient Care

It’s no secret that clinicians prefer to focus on patient care rather than on technology. Brightree helps keep the focus on the patients by following the natural flow of a patient visit; plus, Brightree isn’t a physical barrier like a bulky laptop or binder. In addition, our functionality can help patients receive the best possible care through consistent adherence to care plans.

Enhance Compliance

The Brightree Home Health software platform facilitates documenting completely and accurately at the point of care, reducing documentation errors and billing challenges that ultimately lead to audits. CareTouch Logic®, the intelligent engine in Brightree, guides clinicians through documentation best practices before submitting back to the office.

See Brightree in Action

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