Technology is the great equalizer, and Brightree is some of the best technology in home care and hospice right now.

Elaine Stephens, Walpole Area VNA
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The intelligent solution

Discover how Brightree home health EMR software can help your organization improve efficiency, maximize compliance, and provide better patient care.

With a cloud-based back-office system that helps optimize quality assurance, billing, and reimbursements, Brightree’s home health software also provides the visibility teams need to ensure adherence to best practices and regulatory requirements. A native iPad® app for clinicians to document at the point of care rounds out a comprehensive EMR/EHR solution, and helps deliver the kind of exceptional care organizations require.

Operate at peak efficiency

With Brightree home health agency software, and our native iPad® point-of-care app, you get full support for the administrative, financial, and clinical functions of your business.

Brightree solutions have best practices built in, to guide users successfully through each process step-by-step, the first time, whether they’re handling patient intake through plan-of-care documentation, or billing and reimbursement.

Optimize your process
  • Thorough home health documentation drives more accurate claims, and guards against denials and takebacks
  • Proactive alerts and task hotlists maximize the accuracy of clinical and patient information—before a claim is dropped
  • Built-in rules and validations deliver cleaner claims and improved billing accuracy, before submission
Work more efficiently
  • Documentation that’s complete, accurate, and compliant from the start dramatically reduces quality assurance workload
  • Digital referrals, forms, and patient records eliminate paper, streamline workflows, and make filing and general administrative work more efficient
  • A comprehensive dashboard with key performance indicators and hundreds of customizable clinical, business, and financial reports works to keep you on top of your business goals
  • Built-in alerts push time-sensitive tasks to the right people, streamlining operations and keeping everyone on track
  • Centralized patient information puts the whole care team on the same page, streamlining coordination
  • Our web-based platform eliminates the need for software updates and costly IT infrastructure
Ensure compliance
  • Built-in best practices—courtesy of CareTouch Logic™—guide OASIS questioning, and ensure notations whenever visits are opened or closed, for added protection against audits
  • Rules-based processes prevent scheduling without prior order or authorization, so compliance is optimized
  • Web-based system delivers clinical and regulatory updates automatically for seamless, worry-free updates
Improve patient care
  • Mandatory logic-based questions and workflows help clinicians document directly against the care plan, improving both visit documentation and compliance, while highlighting plan progress
  • Home-health-specific clinical content and functionality is included for all disciplines, so care plans are easier to build
  • Nursing and social work disciplines can also drive patient assessment, treatment, and documentation with regard to problems or interventions defined in the care plan
  • Centralized patient information keeps the whole team on the same page enabling them to provide the highest quality care
  • Automated patient updates and histories are documented by discipline, so care teams are always coordinated