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Appoint360 provides an intuitive and smart appointment booking solution. This application helps DME/HME’s to schedule appointments easier, faster, and smarter. Appoint360 provides customized scheduling page for both DME users and patients to view real-time availability of therapists and location for booking appointments. It empowers both the patient and DME to schedule, confirm and follow up via texting, calling, and emailing.

Patients can self-schedule, confirm or reschedule their appointment at their convenience, providing accessibility and greater engagement and compliance. The ability to track, monitor, and gain insights from one single dashboard provides critical data for DME/HME.

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Additional Details

Appoint360 eliminates the scheduling back-and-forth and delivers hassle free session with 24/7 appointment booking system. User can self-schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments at their own convenience based on clinic, therapist, and location.

It provides a very useful feature of tracking missed/checked in/upcoming appointments in Realtime. DME’s can even centrally monitor all the appointments being generated in Realtime from a single dashboard.

1.Effortless Scheduling
2.Cost effective
3.Boost Efficiency
4.Reduce No-show
5.Patient Engagement