• HME

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or DME/HME supplier, you don’t have time to go through several back-and-forth interactions for every order. DMEscripts simplifies the often tedious medical equipment ordering process. Our fast and easy step-by-step process can help you complete more than 90% of your orders the first time so healthcare providers, DME/HME suppliers, and patients all get what they need faster.

Save time, money, and resources.

As the DME/HME industry-backed solution, DMEscripts secures your confidential data and documentation in one complete package. Minimize issues and get your orders out faster—whether you’re a large national DME supplier or single location retail store.

  • Receive all documentation in one package
  • Reduce back-and-forth with referrals
  • Get paid faster with complete, accurate, billable, and refillable orders
  • Collaborate securely through instant messaging
  • Integrate with Brightree to automate your order intake, order status updates, and CPAP resupply