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MotionMD is a web based platform that automates the day-to-day DME workflows, all while enhancing thepatient and user experience. The platform allows for compliant order documentation and overall DME performance visibility for customers. The Referral Integration between MotionMD and Brightree allows for the transmission of billing and documentation between the systems. Benefits include a drastic reduction in manual data entry for Sales Orders in Brightree along with real time claim submissions versus previous manual processes.

MotionMD-Brightree Referral Integration allows for the optimization of an inbound integration from the customer’s EMR/PM system to pull in patient demographics and insurance information to MotionMD. The completed Patient Agreement along with other clinical documentation in MotionMD allows for the push to Brightree to create a Referral.

This allows for numerous customer benefits including:

-Referral integration avoids the manual entry of patient demographics and insurance information into Brightree.
-Real time referral management to Brightree at the point of care for the billing of claims (no manual delays for billing).
-Front end processes fi lter claims needed authorization in real time.
-Avoid any billing shrink due to paperwork issues.
-Drastic reduction in the amount of time for the billing staff to bill claims through the MotionMD/Brightree Referral Integration.

Other MotionMD Benefi ts/Functionality:

-HITRUST Security Certified
-EMR/PM system integration expertise
-Medicare compliant automated form creation
-Medicare same or similiar
-ABN functionality
-Estimated patient responsibility and real time insurance verifi cation available through VeriPro
-Electronic signatures
-Clean claim technology through Early Warning Notifi cations
-Email or print patient facing documents
-Provider created DME product protocols
-Full inventory management capabilities
-EDI integrations for ordering ease
-Robust reports through Advanced Analytics