• HME

Medchat is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in advanced workflow automation. Trusted by diverse enterprises, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, our autonomous AI workforce conducts simple and complex tasks traditionally handled by a live human. Our customers benefit from reduced labor costs, greater patient centricity and growth at scale. DME/HME providers use Medchat to automate manual tasks like checking an order status, placing a resupply order, and just about any other patient and provider communication.

  • Medchat can pull patient demographic info to perform activities like verifying patient identify, confirm shipping address, contact info, etc.
  • Link to Brightree patient record in Medchat’s agent facing administrative portal
  • Ability for Medchat to push all data back to Brightree in Notes and Brightree Document Management
  • Helps Brightree customers provide a better experience for patients and providers by giving them an omni-channel experience
  • Creates significant operational efficiencies for Brightree customers, allowing them to reduce cost and grow at scale
  • Provides a fantastic UX for Brightree customers’ CSRs that use the program

Additional information

Medchat and Brightree have partnered to offer customers more engagement tools as part of the Digital Experience (DX). Many patients want more digital tools to meet their servicing needs and would also like the ability to chat with a live agent when they need additional support. At the same time, HME/DME providers face challenges with CSR staffing at affordable prices. Medchat’s integration with Brightree allows customers to provide patients and providers with self-serve digital tools with the support of a live agent when needed. Digital tools reduce the burden on CSRs, allowing customers to reduce cost and grow at scale.