Outcomes+ NHIA

  • HI/P

Outcomes+ NHIA is a web-based solution that helps you evaluate the quality of your infusion program. Easily track, analyze, and report measurements that help your infusion pharmacy gain insight into areas of opportunity, increase quality of services, and demonstrate performance to referral sources and payers. Capturing data and participating in national benchmark programs also allows you to contribute to the national advocacy efforts for the infusion industry.

  • Easily participate in external benchmarking with the National Home Infusion Foundation (NHIF)
  • Track and report on patient adverse events
  • Generate monthly or quarterly reports for submission to NHIF including the key measurements of 30-day hospital readmission, status of discharge, and patient satisfaction (through SHP).
  • Automatically populate spreadsheets in NHIF’s required format with no manual data gathering or rekeying.
  • Access tools to identify and resolve missing data