SHP for Home Infusion

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SHP for Home Infusion is a web-based, automated, real-time data solution that helps your infusion pharmacy manage your performance across clinical, demographic, financial, and utilization domains.

SHP pulls information automatically and securely from Brightree on a daily basis. We present this real-time data to you in a suite of easily manageable and actionable reports. You can gain insights into your patient populations, payer source, referral source, prior hospitalizations, discharge details, Access Device statistics and more. These reports include breakouts of specialty pharmacy and core home-infusion patient lists for all relevant metrics

SHP will also compare your metrics to state and national benchmarks and will clearly highlight areas for improvement.

In addition, the Brightree–SHP Home Infusion integration allows for automated collection of Patient Satisfaction Data. SHP uses the NHIA standard patient satisfaction survey to support the industry-wide data initiative for patient outcome improvement. SHP handles the entire process from mailing, processing, reporting and benchmarking.

Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) is a leader in data analytics and benchmarking that drive daily clinical and operational decisions. Our solutions bring real-time data to post-acute providers, hospitals, and ACOs to better coordinate quality care and improve patient outcomes. In business since 1996, SHP has built deep expertise and a strong reputation to help organizations nationwide raise the bar for patient care.