VGM Fulfillment

  • HME

VGM Fulfillment, a division of VGM Group, Inc. is the nation’s premiere CPAP fulfillment service. Headquartered in Waterloo, IA, VGM Fulfillment stocks CPAP supplies from all major vendors. Since its inception in 2009, VGM Fulfillment has picked, packed and shipped millions of CPAP resupply orders on behalf of hundreds of DME and Sleep providers. VGM Fulfillment provides the most efficient, technologically advanced, yet cost-effective solution for resupply in the industry.

Partnered CPAP Fulfillment

A reliable order fulfillment partner should be the silent, yet critical, catalyst to the success of your CPAP machine and CPAP resupply business. As your partner, VGM Fulfillment is responsible for the key operations of order fulfillment; picking, packing, shipping and inventory management. We understand the importance of getting your orders right the first time, every time. That is why we invest heavily in technology and infrastructure to ensure we execute at a level that meets your expectations.

We focus and excel on our core competencies, while you execute excellence in yours…taking care of patients.”