I rate the whole implementation and support process a 10 out of 10.

Kristina Ohrberg, Director of Billing, Advanced Pharmacy
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Home Infusion Pharmacy

Brightree software meets the needs of home infusion pharmacies by providing everything our HME and pharmacy customers require, plus extra automation to accommodate more complicated workflows.

Compounding support

  • Dispense infusion therapy medications and print supporting documentation, including labels and a compound record
  • Dispense total parenteral nutrition (TPN) prescriptions, including the capture of macro and micro nutrients and patient additives; calculation of IBW, overfill, and osmolarity; and nutritional calculations on the compounding record
  • Substitute or use multiple package sizes for each component and fill


Clinical oversight for your business

  • Enhance patient safety with integrated clinician decision support
  • View and respond to clinical alerts conveniently from within your pharmacy workflow
  • Establish standard practices of care, tailor a multidisciplinary care plan to each patient’s needs, and track outcomes against each plan
  • Track patient lab results and weight trends in a chronological view


Compliance assurance

  • Capture detailed records of all prescription activity
  • Access historical compounding records
  • Monitor security access to and dispensing of controlled substances


Accurate billing

  • Automatically charge per diems based on therapy type and characteristics, and automatically zero out supplies or other items that are rolled up into the per diem
  • Split delivered items into individual daily charges, or split claims so they won’t span across multiple months or years