The results are in from our first interoperability survey for HME, pharmacy and home infusion providers, and the value that highly interoperable systems can bring to your business are crystal clear, according to the study conducted by In90group Research.

In fact, those providers who consider themselves to have advanced or moderate interoperability capabilities report:

  • better relations with referral sources
  • greater operational efficiencies
  • reduced staff time on tasks
  • improved order accuracy

Yet despite those benefits, the numbers are still lagging — with only 20% of HME, pharmacy and home infusion providers reporting that they’re set up to receive referrals through electronic data exchange. That’s in direct conflict with what referral sources report they want – with a whopping 99% submitting that they’re more likely to send referrals to providers that can receive orders electronically.

So, what will it take to get the rest of the industry on board? 50% of providers reported that they’re planning to implement new solutions to better support interoperability goals.

And our new white paper can help. See how to close the gap in delivering what your referral sources expect and what your business needs using a highly interoperable software platform that can help you address your top business challenges — including hiring and retaining qualified staff, increasing referrals and increasing efficiencies to support profit margins.