3 Best practices for managing your resupply

Sleep therapy is a fast-growing, highly competitive and compliance-driven market, but success depends on data collection, patient education, provider support, and a strong grasp on your resupply management program. Having the right technology partner with the tools and resources to help you achieve patient growth and retention is essential to the success of your sleep therapy business.

Here are 3 Best Practices for Managing Your Resupply and how Brightree can help:

1. Not enough time and resources? It’s tough to carve out the time and resources to do things that will really move your business ahead, like handling your resupply department. Resupply has traditionally consisted of many manual processes. Many HMEs simply don’t have the time and resources to focus on time-consuming areas, like resupply, that often doesn’t feel like profitable pursuits.  But, the truth is, it’s too important to ignore.

Brightree ReSupply is revolutionizing the way HMEs manage resupply. The ReSupply program is the perfect combination of technology, cost-effective outsourcing services, and the industry’s first resupply-focused data warehouse. Brightree’s resupply solution canimprove your business efficiency and profitability by achieving a higher percentage of contacts. It replaces your old processes and manual resupply efforts consisting of smiling and dialing, emailing and texting one patient at a time. With ReSupply, your patients can talk to a live agent about resupply needs, and can even manage everything from order intake to the documentation required for reimbursement, so you can focus more on patient care. ReSupply will allow you to engage and educate patients on health benefits of resupply and achieve higher patient retention and improved health outcomes. And along the way, you’ll have all the data you need so you know how your resupply business stands and areas for improvement.

2. Achieve improved health outcomes Sleep therapy compliance automates patient compliance management via real-time integration with leading sleep therapy manufacturers. Deliver meaningful information to your post-acute referral sources because you can access compliance and therapy reports directly from your system. Non-compliance can be determined earlier so providers know which patients need help. Become a key player in your referral sources’ care team because you can help them avoid readmissions by helping more of their patients comply with home therapy care protocols.

With Brightree sleep therapy integrations, you don’t need to wait 90 days to prove compliant use through patient follow-up. Real-time integration with Brightree’s technology can help you prove compliance and document what you need for billing in 30 days.

3. Direct-to-Patient Shipping Become a reliable partner for your referrals sources. Leverage technology to move medical equipment into the hands of patients faster. With Brightree’s ePurchasing your organization can become even more efficient and cost-effective by ordering supplies directly from leading vendors and performing direct-to-patient shipping. This will help relieve the mounting industry pressures of reduced reimbursement rates, additional compliance regulations, higher shipping charges, and will reduce your inventory costs.

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