3 Critical steps to optimize your customer’s experience

Here are some steps you should take:

Eliminate manual/wasteful processes

To improve patient experience, your business must remove areas that slow your workflow. HME organizations waste significant time and money using manual processes for documentation and compliance. Adopting the most advanced technology will eliminate errors with manual processes and streamline your workflow. You no longer will have to rely on outdated techniques for managing patient information that put your organization at greater risk of having patient data compromised. To become a successful provider, you need to identify wasteful processes and determine what activities or services are of value to your patients, and impact your finances eliminate waste including setbacks/bottlenecks, too much inventory, the prolonged patient wait time for equipment, and increased workload for staff. These all impact your finances and the patient experience.

Brightree will equip your business with the right tools to become lean and successful. Our business management platform will create optimal workflows and give you the ability to track and measure the actual time spent on each step. Results are available within Brightree so your staff members can quickly prioritize their work and become more efficient.

“Brightree has helped Fairview service tens of 1,000s of patients through billing, inventory, patient notes, document management. All aspects of our business are done through Brightree and we just love it.”

– Caralie Roisum, Respiratory Supervisor at Fairview Health Services

Implement advanced analytics

For years, organizations of all sizes have been gathering data. Merely accumulating data provides no strategic or tactical benefit to the organization. You need to convert your data into an asset that adds real value to the organization and allows you to uncover facts, trends and observations. With this new information in hand, you can make informed decisions to advance the goals of the organization.

This is where Brightree’s reporting and analytics come in. Within Brightree, you can create custom reports that will allow you to monitor and measure the success of your products, your team’s productivity and sales so you can identify patterns of success and/or potential gaps that need to be addressed. The key to long-term survival boils down to knowing which products make you the most money, active pursuit of your cash receivables, and a dynamic sales strategy that focuses on patient care.

Meet the needs of your patients faster

Moving inventory out of the warehouse and into the hands of patients is a challenge for many providers With Brightree’s epurchasing, your organization can leverage technology to become even more efficient and cost effective by ordering supplies directly from leading vendors and performing direct-to-patient shipping. This will help relieve higher shipping charges, and will reduce your inventory costs.

Another way to meet your patients’ needs faster is to implement a Mobile Delivery Management solution to help you eliminate paperwork, spreadsheets and sticky notes that can compromise patient data. Mobile Delivery helps you efficiently manage your delivery drivers and maximize productivity in the field. Obtain quick and intuitive access to electronic documentation can improve the delivery, billing and audit-ready aspects of your facility. The result could be a reduction of 30% or more in your DSO. By streamlining the shipping and delivery methods of your organization, you will be able to serve more patients and meet their medical equipment needs faster.

“Our DSO has plummeted dramatically since moving to Brightree. With Brightree, a sales order can be confirmed while a patient is in the store. Brightree allows me to push responsibility for order entry closer to the front of the process. There are so many features and safeguards built into the system that it is like having a billing person looking over the shoulder of my non-billing staff.”

– Jason Roger, Manager at Care Medical of Athens 

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