Brightree ePrescribe: automate front-end and connect seamlessly and efficiently with referral sources

Brightree’s ePrescribe solutions seamlessly connect your HME/DME with clinical providers to electronically receive and process orders, more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Our integrations with leading electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR) as well as third-party vendors enable you to receive orders from your referral sources in their preferred method and share patient data with them — including required documentation, demographics, insurance information, progress notes, vitals and diagnosis information – without the inaccuracies and delays that paper documentation creates.

This new level of interoperability means your HME is no longer a commodity in healthcare. Our ePrescribe solutions help your HME gain greater visibility with your referral sources over your “unplugged” competitors.

The benefits of automated orders
  • Take significant time and cost out of every order
  • Improve financial metrics from working capital to DSO
  • Increase alignment with referral sources by taking paperwork off of their desks and accelerating care to their patients
  • Accelerate patient care with more timely order fulfillment

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