If your employees are still spending hours a day manually sending emails that go unread or making phone calls that go unanswered, we have a way for you to automate your outreach – and it’s what your patients want.

Brightree Digital Experience (Brightree DX) uses mobile text messaging to keep your patients informed at every step of their journey with you, which means no more reminder calls about appointments, requests for resupply order status or the need to download an app or set up an account to upload documents. And providers have already sent millions of automated patient texts using our platform.

Watch the video to hear Brightree Director of Product Operations Leah Blake walk you through the key components of our platform and what you’ll gain, including:

  • Saving your staff time and effort by automating patient outreach
  • Eliminating the need for patients to download an app or create an account and password
  • Increasing revenue from more orders and faster payments
  • Winning patient loyalty by communicating with them in the way they expect