Family Medical Supply achieves high returns, outstanding outcomes with Brightree solution for OSA resupply

Family Medical Supply Achieves High Returns, Outstanding Outcomes with Brightree Solution for OSA Resupply

Family Medical Supply’s 15 branches were actively resupplying several thousand OSA patients (including 200 CPAP setups) per month. The company’s customer service representatives (CSRs), therapists, and managers had a hard time growing order volume and improving patient assistance using manually generated lists and personal calls. To increase the number of contacts per day and generate more orders, the company looked to an IVR system to help them call more patients at the front of the order pipeline and clear the backlog.

The first IVR solution that Family Medical used made calling more efficient, but created productivity bottlenecks in other areas. Despite the IVR’s automatic calling, it didn’t connect to Brightree’s order creation and workflow processes. This limited order capacity and cash flow. Additionally, patient information was not updated back to Brightree by this third-party IVR system, so clinicians or CSRs making personal follow-up calls did not always have a complete patient order history or vital supporting information.

The Switch to Integrated Technology

In November 2011, Brad Heath, vice president for operations at Family Medical Supply, decided to discontinue the company’s first IVR system and add Brightree Interactive Voice to the company’s existing core Brightree solution. Implementation consisted of several stages to ensure successful data integrity, employee training, campaign setup, and overall patient acceptance.

First Quick Returns: Orders & Revenue

The first quick win for the company was in increased order volume. The data and workflows common to Brightree Interactive Voice and the core Brightree system meant that employees could process around 50 percent more orders per person. Revenue per order increased in different ways. First, Brightree’s sales order workflow starts with the patient’s order history from the previous 15 months. A patient’s first automated call can review previously ordered (and additional recommended) items to ensure that the initial order is as complete as possible.

Heath explained that once the patient is part of a contact schedule, “Brightree Interactive Voice looks 15 days out and lists what the patient is eligible for at the time of the next phone call. If there are items that require a wait of two days before calling, it will wait those two days so that you can maximize that phone call.”

With precise lists of eligible patients, automated calls, and auto-generated sales orders, the Family Medical team was able to slash order processing times by 25 percent and drive a 15 percent jump in revenue.

Control Over Call Campaigns

Heath was quick to contrast the immediate control that he has over Brightree Interactive Voice versus his previous IVR system. He explained, “If we wanted to make changes to call patterns or times in our other IVR system, we had to call the vendor, ask somebody to make the change, and assume it was taken care of. With Brightree Interactive Voice, we can change call times or exclude certain days ourselves.” Additionally, any authorized employee at any of the company’s 15 branches can change individual contact call settings to accommodate patient requests on the spot.

Excellent Outcomes

Brightree provides authorized company representatives complete visibility into patient and order details and accounts for each contact, enabling them to be more responsive. For example, a patient request for a personal follow-up call becomes a task within Brightree. “When a therapist or CSR pulls up the daily task list, the required calls are right there,” Heath said.

“Whatever the original issue was, whether it was skin irritation, a patient who’s no longer using a machine, a problem using a mask, or a change of insurance, there’s a cohesion of reporting that exceeds anything we’ve had in the past.” This results in better service to patients and improved outcomes.

Not only did Brightree Interactive Voice enable better service to patients, the Family Medical Supply team quickly adapted to the system as they realized they could be more productive and have higher quality interactions with patients. Observing the changes in his organization, Heath noted, “With the improved automation, you don’t see folks without work to do, but you do see them enjoy becoming more productive through their efforts.”

Outstanding Compliance

In support of the rigors of compliance that Family Medical Supply and all HME providers must adhere to, Brightree Interactive Voice keeps a log of every patient contacted, listing call time, response, actions taken, and any feedback or follow-up required. Each automated call uses a voice script that conforms to regulatory guidelines. And because it’s recorded, it’s delivered the same way each time. “It’s extremely consistent,” Heath pointed out. “It gives the same exact pitch every time.” Compare that with human callers, who could get tired or side-tracked on order details and forget to cover all required points during a patient contact.

For therapy compliance, patients can be contacted to ensure that resupply accurately supports a prescribed course of treatment over time. Patients who are authorized and eligible can also use automated inbound resupply to initiate orders.


For several years, Family Medical Supply had realized growth and significant returns from implementing the core Brightree business management platform. To build on that, the company implemented Brightree Interactive Voice to integrate IVR with its core Brightree system. This enabled data available in workflows, such as patient eligibility, to be applied to campaigns and created a highly automated sales order workflow. Patient responses now automatically cause orders to be delivered and billed, while requests for assistance and sales order exceptions are directed to the right person for prompt resolution by a representative with access to the patient’s case and order history. The integrated Brightree solution featuring Brightree Interactive Voice delivers dramatic ROI and supports positive patient outcomes for Family Medical Supply.

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