How can an HME provider track and deliver hundreds of orders a day from different warehouses and a separate billing center? For Medcare Equipment Company, it’s all part of a day’s work, largely thanks to technology.

Since 2012, Brightree has worked with Medcare to ensure it has the best software solution to deliver great products and service to customers, and improve patient pay collections. It’s just one reason that Medcare has grown from a small HME business with a few employees to one with a staff of more than 300 at 14 locations in four states.

Finding new revenue streams

Embracing technology: One platform, one goal

Medcare manages all aspects of its business from a singular platform with Brightree’s innovative technology, beyond billing, beyond delivery. Medcare can store documents, file claims, review business analytics and utilize new revenue generation tools like patient resupply. Medcare simplified and automated every aspect of its business operations, including inventory management, billing and A/R, front-end process management, sleep therapy compliance, mobile delivery, resupply, point-of-sale, document management, and more. With the Brightree® Connect Resupply Program, Mobile Delivery Management, and Brightree Patient Collections, Medcare has been able to accomplish its mission!

“We invest in technology to increase quality of care for our patients; with Brightree’s continuing investment in technology and R&D, we have a partner we can grow with. The relationship of trust we’ve built with Brightree is helping to ‘future proof’ our business, so we can close the loop on interoperability and stay engaged with other healthcare platforms, and continue to take care of our patients’ needs.” – Patty Mastandrea, CEO, Medcare Equipment Company

How can HME providers find new ways to generate revenue and optimize collections’ processes? Brightree Connect lets providers launch automated, intelligent patient contact campaigns to reach the right patient at the right time with the right products. With Connect, providers can track patients that are eligible for resupply, increase communication with customers, improve clinical outcome, reduce denials by 50% and see an average $50 uplift per sales order. Other benefits of resupply optimization include capturing appropriate reimbursement and drive long-term compliance. Plus, Connect enables providers to track and reinforce compliance to strengthen the relationship with your referrals’ sources to help deliver successful patient outcomes, not just episodes of care. You can become a more reliable partner for their care team! Medcare found success using it, and so could you!

“Brightree increased our revenue by optimizing out CPAP resupply program with Brightree Connect. They partnered with us to proactively find new resupply opportunities and achieve a much higher success rate, better patient interactions, and a quicker and more efficient revenue stream.” – Patty Mastandrea, CEO, Medcare Equipment Company

Going mobile

Would you like to reduce paper, spreadsheets and sticky notes that can compromise patient data? Brightree’s Mobile Delivery Management can do it all. In addition, Mobile Delivery enables you to manage delivery drivers and maximize productivity in the field, as well as obtain quick and intuitive access to electronic documentation to improve the delivery, billing and audit-ready aspects of your facility.

“With Brightree Mobile Delivery, we’re able to expedite orders like never before. With our large fleet and multiple locations, Brightree Mobile Delivery has helped us reduce lost paperwork and increase the timeliness of billings and claims, which has been a huge return on our investment.” – Patty Mastandrea, CEO, Medcare Equipment Company

Outsourcing their billing

Outsourcing revenue cycle management can enhance control of managing healthcare claims and collecting more cash, faster. This passes the burden of hiring, training and managing an internal billing department to a large professional organization. Our experienced billing and regulatory resources will do the work, showing you outstanding A/R and maximum reimbursement rates. Medcare leverages our billing services to improve profitability. Brightree Patient Collections has helped increase Medcare ’s efficiency by increasing cash collections, lowering DSO, improving reimbursement and helping staff focus more on patient care and company growth.

“Brightree gives us the ability to know where we are on a daily basis, because with the reduction in reimbursements, we have to really focus on A/R as one of our key indicators. Along with handling all our billing and collections, Brightree has eliminated touches from our organization, we’ve seen a reduction in our days outstanding, and our patients have a better understanding of their balances and why they have a bill from us.” – Patty Mastandrea, CEO, Medcare Equipment Company