Go lean!

The healthcare industry is enamored with time-consuming processes. Providers want to improve efficiency and increase value for their patients. Some HMEs turn to technology for billing and management, but many continue to lean on inefficient and ineffective paper processes. If you’re using outdated methods, ask yourself:

  • How many times is one sheet of paper passed back and forth for a signature?
  • Is too much or too little inventory being ordered to meet demand?
  • Are my patients waiting too long for their delivery?
  • Do staff have to constantly stop what they are doing to solve documentation problems?

Brightree software provides your business the right tools to become lean and successfu. Our business management platform will create optimal workflows and give you the ability to track and measure the actual time spent on each step. Here’s how Brightree can help.

Optimize Your Resupply Needs

Do you spend too much time on day-to-day business processes? You’re not alone. Many HMEs don’t have the time and resources to focus on things that will really move their business ahead, like handling your resupply department. Brightree ReSupply can improve your business efficiency and profitability by achieving a higher percentage of contacts versus manual resupply efforts using phone, email and text messages. Our patient resupply management solution is the perfect combination of technology, cost-effective outsourcing services, and the industry’s first resupply-focused data warehouse. ReSupply is designed to better support patients once they are in their resupply program. It’s a game-changer for your resupply business because it helps:

  • How many times is one sheet of paper passed back and forth for a signature?
  • Manage patient compliance
  • Retain more patients in your resupply program
  • Increase resupply revenue per order
  • Engage and educate patients on health benefits of resupply
  • Manage resupply orders fast, accurately and cost effectively

Create Stronger Partnerships

Brightree continues to partner with the top leading vendors in the HME industry. You can now access GoScripts™ for documentation and referral management directly from within Brightree, enabling you to streamline your workflow process to send and receive required documentation for prescribed home medical equipment. The Brightree/GoScripts integration can significantly reduce the time between initial referral and receiving all required documentation for new patient setups, without having to enter patient demographics twice.

Other advantages include:

  • HMEs can log into Brightree and share their new or existing patient records with GoScripts, eliminating the need to create duplicate entries.
  • GoScripts automatically creates a new record and populates it with the unique Brightree Integrator ID.
  • Within GoScripts, HMEs can easily see which records are integrated with Brightree to help identify any duplicate patient records from previous prescriptions.

All that means more complete documentation with fewer errors and faster reimbursement. It’s also completely free for Brightree customers.

Upgrade Your Inventory Management

Providers need the right amount of supplies. Not having enough of an item in stock could mean patients go to another provider. Having too much of an item increases the likelihood of it remaining on the shelf beyond its prime, or past its expiration. Brightree’s inventory management solution can help provide visibility into your inventory. Plus, with functionalities such as ePurchasing, providers can order directly from major manufacturers and distributors, view item availability and pricing in real time, perform one-touch drop shipments, and receive automatic confirmations, including delivery tracking. These functionalities can help decrease inventory and administrative costs, while improving cash flow and equipment delivery times to patients.

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