It’s not all about the money

Strengthen the health of your patients with advanced technology tools

Technology has broken down the barriers of the traditional way physicians care for their patients. It’s also given HME providers the ability to dramatically improve the quality of care of their patients by ensuring the right thing is done at the right time, with the right products for the right person. Brightree offers an array of tools that can simplify processes, lower costs and improve care coordination that will result in better patient outcomes. Here are some of the benefits:

✔ Information that can enable preventive care

Sleep therapy compliance automates patient compliance management via real-time integration with leading sleep therapy manufacturers. Deliver meaningful information to your post-acute referral sources because you can access patient compliance and therapy reports directly from your system. Non-compliance can be determined earlier, so providers know which patients need help. Become a key player in your referral sources’ care team so you can help them avoid readmissions by helping more of their patients comply with home therapy care protocols.

✔ Decrease billing time, improve patient care with sleep therapy integrations

With Brightree® sleep therapy, you don’t need to wait 90 days to prove compliance through patient follow-up. Real-time integration with Brightree’s technology can help you prove patient compliance and document what you need for billing in 30 days. Also, you can eliminate time spent on manual and duplicate data entry tasks associated with monitoring compliance, which improves data accuracy and removes staff busywork so they can focus on patients.

✔ Reinforce compliance with resupply

Once a patient is compliant, they automatically get enrolled for resupply. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • optimize your resupply business
  • increase the value per order
  • drive long-term compliance.

Plus, reinforcing compliance leads to strengthening the relationship with your referral sources as you can assist them in delivering successful patient outcomes, not just episodes of care. You get to become a reliable partner for their care team!

 ✔ Connect with your referral sources, customers

Brightree’s information exchange platform, Hospice Ordering, will enable your HME organization to seamlessly communicate with hospice customers, who are also part of the Brightree community. Organizations will have the ability to place orders for supplies and equipment, exchange information bi-directionally to request deliveries, pick-ups, and cancellations.

“50% of our revenue is sleep therapy, and Brightree enables us to excel, drive high patient value and provide outcomes data to our physician partners.”

Gary SheehanPresident, and CEO of Cape Medical Supply

Information is the best resource available in the healthcare industry. With the right tools, you can harness the power of information and find different answers for the way you operate your business, the needs of your patient and the way the post-acute industry works. Let Brightree be your guide to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your HME business so you can focus on what you do best: patient care. Join the many providers and brightest minds who partner with Brightree.

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