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Referrals are the lifeblood of any HME business. It’s hard work to establish productive relationships with referral sources and to keep them engaged with you long term. Referral sources not only want to hear about the features and benefits of your products, but they also want to receive feedback about how well your products are meeting the needs of your patients to prevent readmission. Clinicians want to work with providers who are equipped to accept referrals electronically (e-Referrals), request electronic signatures and share patient data and outcomes. You need the most advanced technology to meet the expectations of your referral sources and the right technology partner with a robust solution can help you achieve operational efficiency, deliver excellent service to referral sources, and delight their patients. You need Brightree!

Here’s how Brightree can help you enhance your relationship with your referral sources:

Limit acute care readmission with Sleep Therapy Compliance

As CMS continues to enforce better patient outcomes as a measure for reimbursements, what matters most is improving the condition of the patient and limiting acute-care readmission. Therapy compliance and patient education help meet these goals and minimize the cost of chronic disease management. Why wait 90 days to prove compliant use through patient follow-up when real-time integration, directly from the equipment, can help you prove compliance and document what you need for billing in 30 days?

Patients receive better care because non-compliance can be determined earlier, so you know which patients you need to assist with compliance.  Sleep Therapy Compliance helps you deliver meaningful information to your acute-care referral sources and avoid readmissions since you’re helping more of their patients comply with home therapy care protocols.

Digitize your Business

More and more referral sources are embracing the transmission of electronic referrals through their EHR system. In the near future, physicians may opt to only send referrals to providers who are equipped to accept e-Referrals, request eSignatures, and automatically share patient data and outcomes easily. With Brightree ’s web-based documentation and work management solution, MyForms, you can build custom forms and index/store/retrieve documents in your system. MyForms eliminates paper forms and significantly reduces order processing time, allowing you to coordinate care via secure messaging to quickly resolve issues, reduce costly errors and even capture electronic signatures on any document. Once the signature is captured, documents are returned, and the workflow task is automatically updated.

Customer and Referral Management features

The BrightSales® feature in Brightree ’s system assists providers in easily tracking doctor and facility referral sources. It allows you to manage the entire referral process from the first contact with a potential referral source to cultivating the referral relationship. From documenting referral contacts to calculating the number of referrals, and tracking if a referral source has lowered the number of referrals, BrightSales® allows you to strengthen your customer relationships through centralized information that makes it easier to manage customer communications, sales, and service contracts all from one place.

Receive referrals directly into your Brightree system

Brightree’s information exchange platform will enable your HME organization to seamlessly exchange information and receive referrals from external referral sources and Hospice customers who are also part of the Brightree community. Your organization will be able to both match against existing patients and receive new ones. Now you can coordinate care via secure messaging with your Hospice, Home Care, and HME referrals who are also Brightree customers. Brightree-based home health and hospice organizations can submit referrals to Brightree-based HMEs to electronically order supplies and equipment, with the ability to receive delivery notifications and to request pickups and cancellations. This will allow you to streamline operational processes and improve the quality of patient care.

It all comes down to keeping your referral sources happy while gaining new ones, as well as making customers feel valued. Don’t just tell your referral sources about new products and equipment, keep them informed about the ever-changing requirements of Medicare and private insurance. Let them know how you leverage technology and best-in-class workflows to ensure you take stellar care of their patients; and moreover, that you will make sure they are protected against any regulatory or reimbursement surprises. The right technology solution provider can help you achieve these goals. Let Brightree’s advanced technology do the work for you. Nurture your referral sources with confidence and grow your pipeline, eliminate the need for back-and-forth communication and do what you do best: take care of their patients.

Show your Referrals how much you Care.

Do it with Brightree. Many organizations rely on Brightree to help them focus on the things that matter most to their business. Our robust cloud-based business management software and integrated solutions provide everything you need to generate new cash flows, share data seamlessly with your referral sources, dramatically streamline operations, and improve profitability. Call us to set up your personal demonstration at 1.888.598.7797.

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