We all know mobile technology is changing the way businesses operate. The benefits are clear: mobile technology allows employees to stay connected and businesses to make quicker, informed decisions with data that is available anytime. But, how can it benefit HME providers?

Equipping field staff with mobile technology and a mobile application that is connected to a business management system can streamline overall business processes. HMEs that aren’t utilizing mobile technology in their businesses are missing out on big benefits, and could potentially lose out to the competition as mobile adoption becomes more of a standard in the industry.

Here’s why HMEs need mobile technology in the field:

Get rid of the paper – Save a tree, and save some green. Using a mobile device and an application that prompts drivers to collect accurate and complete documentation at the point of delivery, access delivery tickets and scan product serial numbers helps to eliminate manual processing and lost paperwork.

Be in the know – Using a mobile application that integrates with a business management system improves overall visibility into the business. Many providers have little insight what their field staff is up to at any given moment. Without the right technology, it’s labor intensive, and cost prohibitive, to track every delivery, whether an attempt to drop off product was made or the whereabouts of a driver. Using mobile technology and the right application allows a provider to easily track all of their field staff’s activity. It can also provide an opportunity to pinpoint any inefficiencies, such as if a particular driver is taking too long at each delivery point.

Be more efficient – It used to be that field staff would go out to make deliveries and anything outside of that was a back office issue. With mobile technology, there are no questions as to what is happening in the field. Documentation and notes are being completed as deliveries are made, so any exceptions have already been noted. Seamless connectivity between the field and the back office helps staff rest assured that data going in via mobile device is complete and accurate.

Make customers happier – With the right mobile application, a field employee is able to collect customer signatures, submit documentation and stay in touch with customers at the ready. They’re also able to verify that the appropriate equipment is going to the correct patient. Patients that have less paperwork to fill out and receive the right equipment when they need it are more satisfied, and are likely to have improved outcomes.

Leverage data for the better of the business – Having visibility into what field employees are doing with their time and all documentation lets the provider assess how the business is doing and identify areas for improvement. Having set benchmarks and measuring the plan versus actuals helps paint a picture of how the overall business is performing.

Get paid faster – Electronic workflows and real-time updates facilitated by mobile technology and applications can lead to faster processing times and reduction in errors. Paperwork, on the other hand, is typically slower to flow through the business and requires manual work.

Gain confidence – In today’s market, there is no room for error. Compliance is more than a high priority; it’s a necessity. Mobile applications can prompt field staff through the appropriate documentation that is required at each delivery, helping to ensure that all fields are complete and accurate. For back office staff, complete and accurate data helps protect reimbursements, and decreases manual workload. All of this can help instill confidence in the work staff is doing each day.