The right tools for the job

Arm your team with the right technology tools to excel in their tasks

To drive high-quality patient care in a cost-effective manner, HME providers must provide the right technology tools in their work environment to develop efficient employees. The knowledge and skills of your HME staff reflect the quality of patient care of your business. As a provider, you must equip them with the most advanced technology tools to excel at their jobs, build motivation and achieve the organization’s goals.

Here is how to equip your employees with the right tools and make them part of your success strategy:

Billing & A/R Management Solution

Give your billing team the right solutions to collect your money with far less effort. Brightree’s billing solutions increase the efficiency and accuracy of your billing process. Brightree provides real-time eligibility verification and automates CMN submissions, payment posting and much more.  Your team won’t have to spend time on the phone checking for insurance eligibility.

Your employees will no longer need to print reports to track your outstanding A/R. With features like RCW (Revenue Cycle Workflow), your staff can become more productive with an interactive real-time worklist that lets them prioritize work based on the number of days outstanding or account based A/R amounts and even schedule follow-ups to stay on top of work and assignments.

Sales & Marketing tools

Give your sales team the tools to manage and keep track of your referral sources. Brightree’s BrightSales® feature allows your team to easily track doctor and facility referral sources. Manage the entire referral process from the first contact with a potential referral source to cultivating the referral relationship. Also, BrightSales® will allow them to document referral contacts, calculate the number of referrals, track if a referral source has lowered the number of referrals and much more. It means they can strengthen your customer relationships through centralized information that makes it easy to manage customer communications, sales and service contracts all from one place.

Inventory Management

To achieve efficiency and accuracy, let go of the tedious process of manually performing physical counts, or relying on inventory software that is not integrated with the rest of the business. With Brightree’s Inventory Management solution, your staff ca increase productivity, enhance customer service, maximize inventory turns, flag obsolete and superseded products, and deter inventory theft. They can track inventory in real-time with an Internet-enabled hand-held scanning device which can also help you meet accreditation requirements automatically by tracking the location of serialized equipment in the warehouse or with the patient. Brightree gives your team the ability to manage inventory with a system that is integrated with both the back office and your billing system. These tools will enable your employees to execute predictably, replenishing accurately, and will help minimize labor costs and errors tied to manual reconciliation.

Mobile Delivery Application

Equip your field staff with mobile technology and a mobile application that is connected to a business management system to streamline overall business processes. Drivers collect accurate and complete documentation at the point of delivery, access delivery tickets and scan product serial numbers. Let Brightree’s technology eliminate manual processes and the risk of lost paperwork which could hold up billing. With GPS technology, your drivers will know exactly where they are going, and you will be able to track where they are and even monitor their activity to evaluate any inefficiencies, such as whether a particular driver is taking too long at each delivery point. Seamless connectivity between drivers and the office helps staff assure that data is received via mobile dive is complete and accurate.

Brightree University – Invest in the development of your staff

HME providers and their employees need to be aware of the ongoing changes facing the healthcare system. Brightree University can provide employee education, onsite training, and best practices consulting to maximize their knowledge and efficient use of Brightree. Your HME staff can further develop their knowledge by learning from Brightree’s team of consultants who work with thousands of providers regularly to help them optimize the use of the system and ultimately their business performance.

“Brightree has increased the productivity of my billers and staff. Orders are placed, confirmed and billed seamlessly with no need to check inventory. Our inventory is exact, which is a first for my company! I know where my money is, and I know the areas where I need to educate my staff. It’s much easier to close our books at the end of the month.”

– Helen Kent, President Progressive Medical


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“Brightree is the best HME solution, hands down! It’s a complete business management solution that has streamlined our workflow dramatically and has made us far more efficient. The impact – from the inventory to the initial referral, to the delivery, to getting the CMN, to billing every party- has yielded significant improvements to our inventory management, collections, and DSO.”

– Brad Heath, Vice President Family Medical Supply

Move your Business Forward. Brightree will help you unveil the potential growth strategies of your business, improve internal processes and find new revenue streams. With Brightree, you will have a trusted partner who has the resources and experience to track the current and future state of your business. Many organizations rely on Brightree to help them focus on the things that matter most to their business. Take a step forward and join us for the journey towards sustainability and prosperity – your business will thank you.

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