We identified the reasons why patients don’t pay, then developed solutions for them.

Stop billing your patients! Yes, you read that right. Aren’t you tired of sending out monthly patient statements only to be ignored? When it comes to patient payments, there is a difference between collections and getting paid – and we understand that difference. Gone are the days of billing patients, waiting for them to decide when they want to pay, and worst yet, chasing them down.

Brightree Patient Collections has the only all-in-one, complete solution to not only get providers paid faster, but also develop an upfront policy in getting paid, improving efficiency, and allowing your staff to concentrate on higher payoff activities. You would never walk into any other business expecting to walk out with free stuff, so why do your patients?


Accelerate your receivables processing and get your money faster.
Cut hours – or days – out of your collections process by automating your AR posting. Brightree’s Lockbox service delivers comprehensive patient remittance processing that can substantially streamline your accounts receivable and overall posting processes. Use our high-speed scanning facility to improve payment processing accuracy, which will increase your staff productivity and decrease the potential for errors. No need to work time-consuming exceptions for your check payments. We take care of that for you. Plus, with instant conversion from paper checks to electronic ACH payments, you automatically get your money in the bank faster.

Our Lockbox service can help you to:

  • Reduce time to receive mail, process and apply payments
  • Automate manual posting process, improve staff productivity
  • Mitigate risk with automated, electronic payments
  • Receive payments faster, improve cash flow


Patient Financial Services

Collect payments and improve patient experience
When your patients require a more personal touch, it can be difficult to find time for your staff to make calls to resolve payment issues before accounts are turned over to third-party collections. With Brightree’s Patient Financial Services, our knowledgeable agents serve as an extension of your internal staff. They engage your patients to remind them of balances owed and take necessary steps to either collect payment or procure your assets back when payment is not an option. By using propensity scores, our live agents work smarter to identify and contact the right patients to avoid sending them to collections, protecting your patient relationships and saving you money.

Wish you had more time to focus on getting paid? We’ve got you covered. Let our live agents collect the cash you are owed and allow your staff to focus on higher payoff activities.



Mobile Pay App Accepts Payments on the Go
Turn your mobile device into an instant payment tool with the award-winning Brightree GetPaidHME app. GetPaid allows your delivery technicians, hospital liaisons, respiratory therapists or sales staff to process patient payments anywhere in real time. With GetPaid you can accept all major credit cards, e-checks, and FSA/HSA cards as well as email payment receipts. GetPaid allows the user to quickly scan a sales order directly from the delivery ticket and the patient listing is added to the delivery queue. Once the payment is processed, the app automatically posts payments back into the Brightree billing system eliminating manual entry and works on both Apple and Android devices. GetPaid mobile pay helps you get paid on the spot, fast!



Automatic payments, 100% coverage.
AutoPAY is not the manual action to charge a patient’s card or even the same amount being charged every month. True AutoPAY charges a patient’s card or bank account automatically on the due date without your staff having to lift a finger, whatever that amount might be. With such a simple way for patients to pay, billing your patients might become a thing of the past. It’s your insurance policy, ensuring you get paid on time, every time.


Patient Portal

Patient access, at their fingertips.
The Patient Portal provides your patients with the access to their account they not only need, but want to have. Patients can quickly and easily view invoices, save payment history and set up eDelivery of invoices all with a few simple clicks. Whether your patients want to make a quick one-time payment or register an account, they can now become self-sufficient. Your staff doesn’t have time to send out copies of every single invoice your patient has ever paid, right? By creating self-sufficient patients, you become more efficient – and you save on postage, too!

Virtual Agent

Intelligent collection conversation.
When patients are reminded of a bill via a phone call, the likelihood that they will pay goes up; but staffing a call center is both inefficient and expensive. Meet Virtual Agent, your friendly, automated, reminder call that not only can take a payment but also set up a payment plan. We’re not talking about a robotic call but rather a conversationalist that adjusts its speech patterns accordingly. With Virtual Agent integrated in the overall collections process, your patients are quickly reminded of a past amount due and have the option to satisfy payment right over the phone.


Constant optimization, more getting paid.
Some companies provide customer service, but we provide Collect360. Brightree Patient Collections is different in that we don’t believe an 800 number into a customer service department is good enough. You will get a dedicated Account Manager assigned from the start, working with you to ensure that you are getting paid in the most effective and fastest way possible. Collect360 is our way of helping you get paid with the help of our AR expert to get you improved results.

AR Dashboard

Easier AR is better AR.
The AR Dashboard, directly integrated with Brightree, provides everything you need to manage, monitor and marvel at your shrinking patient AR. It automatically generates patient billing correspondence in the timeliest of manners, without having labor resources or time tied up reviewing past due accounts.

“Brightree Patient Collections gives our employees more time in a day. No hassle for the patients, and no hassle for us trying to get it collected."

Chloe Williams, Director of Billing & ComplianceBennett Medical Services

"Brightree Patient Collections gives us a proactive, secure way to set up patient payments that’s significantly reduced what we’ve needed to send out to third-party collections. Plus the Brightree team did a great job with scripting and training to instill confidence in our ability to deliver the program to our patients."

Patty Mastandrea, COOMedcare Equipment Company

“Brightree Patient Collections has improved our ability to collect both on the front end and the back end. Being able to collect on the front end and have a credit card on file that runs automatically when these patients get an invoice opened up to them, that’s a pretty big deal.”

Tara Elliston, General ManagerGeneva Woods

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