Now I can literally manage everything, from documentation to inventory, all in one convenient place.

Matt Ford, COO, Sail Healthcare
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Brightree offers a broad range of innovative offerings and services that help organizations of all sizes solve the unique problems they face. What’s more, our HME solutions adapt to need, and grow as your business grows.

Tailored for you

Our modular solutions can help you implement just what you need to optimize your business. Whatever your challenge, Brightree has the answer.

HME add-on solutions

Advanced Analytics

Digital automation tools like Advanced Analytics give a 360⁰ view of your business with intuitive dashboards that highlight trends, find opportunities, and discover actionable information.

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Brightree streamlines your workflow and ensures that all your documentation is audit-ready. You can manage everything electronically and store all your files securely, with confidence.

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Flexible solutions let you receive orders from your medical providers using their preferred methods. Brightree also integrates with leading electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR) and third-party vendors, so you can share patient data easily.

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Inventory and delivery

Our robust integrated system allows you to place orders with leading manufacturers, manage fulfillment and delivery, manage drivers, and ensure productivity in the field, all in one place online.

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When you connect your retail business to the Brightree Point-of-Sale solution, your inventory quantities, receipts, and other relevant data are automatically updated with each transaction.

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Sleep therapy

Streamline and manage all your compliance, resupply, and diagnostic testing processes—and view it all in one place, within Brightree.

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Patient ReSupply

Establish long-term compliance through our resupply program, and ensure that your patients are contacted at the right time for the right equipment.

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Revenue cycle management

Keep your operations running smoothly and get your revenues growing. Our solutions turbocharge billing and intake processes, improve DSO and collection-to-billing ratios, and help you stay compliant.

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Professional services

We’re here to help you optimize your business. Our consulting and training services can assist you with all of your questions, and the online Learning Center is a rich resource to help you make the most of Brightree.

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